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Guatemala Micro Climates

I have learned over the years that the micro-climates vary dramatically within Guatemala. One region will have very distinct rich, nutritious soil and plentiful rainfall, neighbored closely by a region that is bursting with mostly sunshine. For example, Antiqua produces exceptional coffee that bursts from great soil.  Sadly, there will be a farm right next door where the soil looks like something you’d make roads with, and little nutritious value whatsoever.  Another example is Coban, a region that gets much more rainfall than other the other.  The more mountainous an area,  the more differentiation in the growing conditions.  Additionally, Guatemala is such a narrow country it is greatly influenced by the ocean and Carribbean from either side.  All of this...

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Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa

Visiting coffee farms in remote highlands of Guatemala means you will be surrounded by the vibrant colors of traditional Mayan dress.  The fabrics of these tribal are of bright purples, blues and reds and one of my favorite things about visiting this beautiful Mayan culture.  It’s almost as if the vibrancy of the fabrics influences the spirited and lively qualities of the coffee from this region. And at such high altitude, the volcanic soil imparts a smoky spiciness to the coffee unique to the region. 

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