Relationship Coffee Roasters - Since 1993


Running a cafe is not for the faint of heart. You work hard, and for long hours.

This is what Cravens can do to lend you a hand:

  • Eliminate many of your equipment costs. You can borrow our drip coffee brewing, grinding, and serving equipment - for free. We're also a good resource for your espresso equipment, and we'll monitor it every month for accurate calibration and the perfect espresso pull.
  • Train your entire staff in the finer points of espresso, at your place or ours, whichever's best for you. Our refresher course also comes with the package.
  • Schedule a tailor-made espresso and drip coffee tasting where you'll identify your perfect fit.
  • Craft a custom blend just for you. We'll even put your cafe's name and logo on the bag.
  • Send customers your way through our ongoing Cravens Coffee brand marketing campaign. Elements include print, radio, and television advertising on a rotating schedule.
  • Give you a jump on marketing with custom signage and merchandising and point of sale materials.
  • Assign an Account Manager to handle all aspects of ordering, product rotation, and quality assurance for you.
  • Stand by for your call 24/7.


Send us a message and let us help you.