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Brewing Guide

Just Brew It

Once the beans leave the bag, anything can happen. 

You're juggling a lot of variables: water temperature, grind, water to coffee ratio, method and time. 

We like these methods: 

Single Cup Pourover   

We recommend the Hario V 60 brand single cup pourover cone.
- Place paper filter in the cone and moisten with water off the boil
- Portion 1 ounce (30 grams) of Automatic Drip ground coffee into the moistened filter
- Slowly pour small amount of water over grounds until saturated
- Gently turn over with a spoon - rinse grounds off spoon back into filter
- Let the grounds "bloom" for 45 seconds
- Slowly pour water over the coffee - slow count to 15 seconds while pouring
- Apply "trial process" to how much water to coffee for the ratio you prefer to taste

Drip Coffee Maker 

Drip brewers spray 180 degree water over ground coffee for around five minutes. 

You decide how much to brew. 

The result: a smooth, clean, mellow cup 

Espresso Machine 

Put finely ground coffee into that part with a handle (portafilter). The machine will quickly (130 psi for 25 seconds) pump hot (195 degrees) water through the grounds to extract a shot. 

The result: a sharp, tart, intensely flavored little cup (demitasse). It's the perfect start to a perfect latte. 

Vacuum Brewer 

It's back! This two-chamber, stove-top device draws boiling water from the lower vessel into the upper one, saturating the drip-ground beans therein. 

As the steam condenses below, it pulls the brew through a filter, leaving the grounds behind. 

The result: full-bodied, complex, and aromatic deliciousness 

French Press 

Start with a coarse grind. Add to the carafe to taste, then saturate with water just off the boil. 

Let it steep for 5 minutes, break crust with a spoon, then push the grounds to the bottom with the plunger. 

The result: heavy, thick, syrupy flavor to knock your socks off. 

Cold Brew  

Follow instructions for purchased cold brew unit - Toddy brand and others.