Relationship Coffee Roasters - Since 1993

Grocery Stores

You know better than anyone how many variables you juggle every day.

This is what Cravens can do to lend you a hand:
  • Install a custom-built fixture for bulk and valve bag placement.  Fresh merchandising and point of sale materials come with the package.
  • Roast all our coffee to order.
  • Configure your coffee selections to your market segments.
  • Display "best by" dates on all our freshness-sealed valve bags.
  • Clean our bulk bins every week and calibrate our grinder monthly.
  • Send customers your way through our ongoing Cravens Coffee brand marketing campaign. Elements include print, radio, and television advertising on a rotating schedule.
  • Assign an Account Manager to handle all aspects of ordering,  product rotation, and quality assurance for you.
  • Stand by for your call 24/7.

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Cravens Grocery Display