Offering Subscription Coffee Service / FREE shipping on orders over $50 (lower 48 states)

Grocery Stores

Selection, Variety, Choices, Freshness, Quality...

The grocery store is THE place people buy their coffee to brew at home; And it will continue to be that way. When Cravens sets up in a grocery store, we see the space we occupy as our own retail store. And, like you, we take pride in how it looks. Which is why we clean and maintain the space with a combination of our own people and trained merchandisers.


  • Cravens will install a custom-built fixture for bulk and pre-packaged valve bag placement
  • We apply plenty of fresh merchandising and point of sale materials
  • Configure the best selection of coffee for the market
  • Display "Best By" dates on all our Freshness-Sealed valve bags (only roaster in the region)
  • Clean bulk bins every week, replace periodically and calibrate grinder monthly
  • You will have an assigned Account Manager taking care of you. Delivering your coffee and cleaning, maintaining and monitoring the entire program
  • All coffee is roasted to order (not sitting on a route sales truck)
  • 24/7 response for service request
  • Cravens sends customers to you through TV, radio, print and community marketing programs

We service from Ellensberg to Bozeman, Montana; From Sandpoint to Lewiston, Idaho; And all points inbetween. 
Plus all of Western Colorado. From Aspen to Crested Butte to Telluride.