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A Bean's Journey

The short life of a coffee bean 

Time may be on the Rolling Stones' side, but it's no friend of ours. You can start with the finest green coffee, roast it to perfection, and blend it with genius, but if it isn't fresh, you've got yourself a lot of work for a not too great cup of coffee. 

Let's follow a batch of beans to see what happens under our watch. 

After the precision roasting and cooling cycle, we package the beans in 12-ounce nitrogen-flushed, one-pound, or five-pound vacuum packages. Then they "de-gas" for about 24 hours - and that's when they develop their full flavor profile. 

To keep your Cravens fresh, go through your beans in no more than 10 days. Be especially careful if you grind it ahead of time; ground coffee can lose freshness faster if it's not kept cool (no more than 70 degrees), dry, and in the dark. It's not afraid.